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With a new leadership, bold projects and EU funds investments underway, Reșița is prone to develop.

Key facts on Resita

With its convenient position and accessibility, surroundings of superb natural landscapes, bold vision and committed leadership, Reșița, as well as the region it polarizes, represent a high potential new market, production location and local resource pool to capitalize on.

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We are committed to fostering a friendly, competitive and inclusive business environment. We take an active role in supporting the private sector with information and logistical support, reduced bureaucracy, useful contacts and attractive fiscal stimulants.

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We welcome you with 28.5 ha modern, centrally located and fully equipped industrial area ready for investors in Valea Terovei Industrial Zone. Other halls and plots are also available for rent or development in our town.

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Latest news

European Funds and Development in Reșița //11.12.2019

Mr Ioan Popa participated, on December 11, together with the mayors of county residence municipalities from West Development Region, in a meeting with Vittoria Alliata di Villafranca, director within the European Commission (responsible for the implementation of the European Structural Funds and investments in Romania) and Gabriel Friptu, Deputy Director General within the Ministry of European Funds.


It was discussed about the ongoing projects in the Municipality of Reșița, but also about the development opportunities through investments from European funds for the programming period 2021-2027.

Rising Cities. Smart Future 2019

Rising cities. Smart future was a new opportunity to find ways to improve the experience of city living by adding a new chapter to the conversation we started at the first edition, last year, and continued in May, at the anniversary edition of the REALTY Forum. When people live surrounded by beautiful environments that better meet their needs, they will be happier and enjoy a better quality of life.

With Rising Cities. Smart Future, Business Review wishes to support and highlight the evolution of the urban space, with everything encompassed by it: from technology, transportation, digital transformation, communities, architecture, to sustainability, passionate leadership and culture.

Rising Cities. Smart Future proposes greener, smarter and more connected future cities through panel discussions, debates and predictions about public–private collaborations, innovative and inspiring projects and ways of integrating new technologies, such as AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (The internet of things) in the everyday life.


Foreign Investors Summit, 6th edition

The Foreign Investors Summit is the most awaited event that brings together foreign business communities, state authorities and diplomats. At the conference have participated, professionals across the main industries, an exceptional line-up of speakers and representatives of major FDIs in our country, for a discussion on leadership and ways to build a brighter and more sustainable future for Romania.

As of last year Poland became a full member of the group of the most developed nations in the world, thus creating a path for Romania to join this elite group before long. Recent economic, political and social developments in our country, steady economic growth, a highly regarded Presidency of the Council of the European Union, reinforcement of the state policies through elections, have altogether created an ideal context for a new brighter perspective on the future.

Main answers of the following questions were discussed:

  • Is there a real evolution in Romania’s development and how we are to benefit from the new global positioning of our country?
  • Is a spike in FDI rate to be expected after two years of stagnation?
  • Have the local markets reached maturity, especially those with a traditional appeal to foreign investors: energy, IT, real-estate, services and banking?



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