With a new leadership, bold projects and EU funds investments underway, Reșița is prone to develop.

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With a new leadership, bold projects and EU funds investments underway, Reșița is prone to develop.

European Funds and Development in Reșița //11.12.2019

Mr Ioan Popa participated, on December 11, together with the mayors of county residence municipalities from West Development Region, in a meeting with Vittoria Alliata di Villafranca, director within the European Commission (responsible for the implementation of the European Structural Funds and investments in Romania) and Gabriel Friptu, Deputy Director General within the Ministry of European Funds.


It was discussed about the ongoing projects in the Municipality of Reșița, but also about the development opportunities through investments from European funds for the programming period 2021-2027.

Rising Cities. Smart Future 2019

Rising cities. Smart future was a new opportunity to find ways to improve the experience of city living by adding a new chapter to the conversation we started at the first edition, last year, and continued in May, at the anniversary edition of the REALTY Forum. When people live surrounded by beautiful environments that better meet their needs, they will be happier and enjoy a better quality of life.

With Rising Cities. Smart Future, Business Review wishes to support and highlight the evolution of the urban space, with everything encompassed by it: from technology, transportation, digital transformation, communities, architecture, to sustainability, passionate leadership and culture.

Rising Cities. Smart Future proposes greener, smarter and more connected future cities through panel discussions, debates and predictions about public–private collaborations, innovative and inspiring projects and ways of integrating new technologies, such as AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (The internet of things) in the everyday life.


Foreign Investors Summit, 6th edition

The Foreign Investors Summit is the most awaited event that brings together foreign business communities, state authorities and diplomats. At the conference have participated, professionals across the main industries, an exceptional line-up of speakers and representatives of major FDIs in our country, for a discussion on leadership and ways to build a brighter and more sustainable future for Romania.

As of last year Poland became a full member of the group of the most developed nations in the world, thus creating a path for Romania to join this elite group before long. Recent economic, political and social developments in our country, steady economic growth, a highly regarded Presidency of the Council of the European Union, reinforcement of the state policies through elections, have altogether created an ideal context for a new brighter perspective on the future.

Main answers of the following questions were discussed:

  • Is there a real evolution in Romania’s development and how we are to benefit from the new global positioning of our country?
  • Is a spike in FDI rate to be expected after two years of stagnation?
  • Have the local markets reached maturity, especially those with a traditional appeal to foreign investors: energy, IT, real-estate, services and banking?


Cities for Tomorrow #7, 2019

On March 26, 2018, the Cities of Tomorrow # 7, 2019 conference was held at the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel. Details of the event can be viewed at

According to the organizers, the conference “Cities of Tomorrow” puts on the foreground citizen and states that the city is created by the community. The 7th edition of the conference focused on communities and how they are involved in urban development. Civil participation and public consultation were the main topics of the event.

Prior to the 7th edition, a project competition was organized for the public administration, business environment and civil society. The organizers considered, in selecting the winning projects, the factor of sustainable development. They looked for initiatives with a particular impact on the development of cities, quality of life and dialogue between local and national stakeholders.

With the help of a jury made up by people with vast expertise, 4 finalists were established on 3 main categories (Public Administration, Business Environment, Civil Society) out of a total of 83 proposed projects.

The 4 finalists in the Public Administration category were:

  • Reșița City Hall – local financing program called “Trust in Reșița”.
  • ReghinCity Hall – meant to provide data about the city, events, attractions, leisure, restaurants, transportation, etc.
  • Oradea City Hall – initiative that aims to transform the historical centre of Oradea.
  • Invest in Jiu Valley– the first joint initiative of the mayors of the Jiu Valley to promote the region.

The “Trust in Reșița” program is the first local financing program developed in Romania that offers non-reimbursable mini-grants totalling 500,000 Ron to the inhabitants for the development and implementation of projects for the regeneration of the city. The objective of the program is to improve the common life in the city by supporting the initiatives developed by residents. We believe that the residents are most able to imagine new possibilities for the

The program, at its first edition, is implemented through 2 competitions of projects carried out during the year 2019/2020, on the themes of Urban Life and Entrepreneurship with impact in the community. Scalable initiatives are encouraged, which can grow in the long term, and which can contribute to systemic changes in the development of the city and its communities, and are not specific/isolated actions as extension and impact. The call will support those ideas that stimulate the spirit of community, capitalize on the existing local resources, promote the identity of the city of Reșița and give a new meaning to the abandoned spaces. This vision of urban regeneration is open to all initiative groups consisting of at least 3 people, as well as NGOs.

The winning project was the one of the Reșița City Hall. The project was conceived and proposed by MKBT: Make Better and will be implemented by the City Hall. The call for projects as well as the selection of the winners will take place during 2019/2020, following their implementation until 2020, due to the gap with the approval of the national state budget. The initiative states that city residents should be considered partners in these projects because they are the most able to imagine new opportunities for the community. Thus, they must become the partners of the Resita City Hall in the project of regaining trust in the city.

Urban Talks 2018

On September 28, 2018, Timişoara hosted the “Urban Talks” conference with the motto “Let’s shape the future of cities together!”. The event, organized by Urbanize Hub Romania, aimed to find common solutions to build smart and sustainable cities with active and collaborative local communities, involving local government, businesses and citizens.

Among the guests of the event were: Saskia Beer (CEO and founder of TransformCity), Andreea Idriceanu Calev (RoRec Communication Manager), Ilie Bolojan (Mayor of Oradea), Marius Cristea (World Bank expert). The surprise speaker of the conference was the mayor of Resita, Mr. Ioan Popa.

We have talked about the potential of Resita and the city’s ongoing investment projects, together with international experts, leaders of the public administration and of the business environment, start-ups, technology specialists and architects. We presented the Resita’s administration viewpoint for the rehabilitation of the Barzava banks, but also the projects we have in mind for transforming our city into an attractive one. We hope this will turn into concrete, collective actions that local governments could implement to increase the quality of people’s lives, and we continue to share our openness for hosting an active business environment in our city.

You can follow the event at:::

Event 2018 – Businessmen in Reșița

On June 5, 2018, the mayor of Resita, Mr. Ioan Popa, organized a meeting with no less than 200 local entrepreneurs, at the Nera Restaurant.

In modern communities, the management of public affairs takes place through decision-making and counselling with the help of experts, professional organizations and employers’ associations. City halls can become the operational center of networks that involve more actors, who are capable of mobilizing resources outside the institutional frameworks of a public administration. Having this perspective in mind, we launched the invitation for a discussion on the future of the city and its development, in line with community’s needs.

We thank those who have responded to our invitation to participate in a constructive discussion about Resita. Resita is open for business, and together we build a solid business environment in our city!

“Sustainable Cities 2018” Conference

The “Sustainable Cities” conference was organized by the French Embassy and the Romanian-French Chamber of Commerce and was held in Bucharest on May 15, 2018. The main topics addressed were future urban mobility and urban infrastructures.

French companies and representatives of local authorities, as well as various political actors, attended the conference to discuss an integrated approach to turning cities into sustainable ones. Among the invited speakers were Hervé Boisguillaume (Member of the French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition and Territorial Cohesion), László Borbely (State Councilor in the Government of Romania, Department for Sustainable Development), Radu Botez (Vice Mayor of Iasi), Sorin Chiriţă (Public Administrator in Bucharest City Hall), Cătălin Iapa (Personal Counselor of Mayor of Timişoara), Ioan Popa (Mayor of Resita).

Mr. Ioan Popa was invited at the Romanian and French municipalities panel: stakes for the cities of tomorrow, where he talked about the four components of the ongoing Resita urban regeneration: Valea Ţerovei industrial zone, Mociur – Valea Ţerovei urban regeneration site , the rehabilitation process of the Bârzavei banks and the socio-economic regeneration of the Mociur area.

European meetings in Transylvania 2018 // Rencontres européennes de Transylvanie 2018

European meetings in Transylvania have been organized since 2010 by the French Embassy in Romania and the Cluj-Napoca branch of the French Institute in Romania. In March 2018, the 8th edition was hosted in Cluj-Napoca and Alba-Iulia. During three days, the guests aimed to address the theme of transition to a more sustainable city, taking into account both the challenges and the opportunities of the Romanian cities.

As guests for the plenary sessions and workshops were Ms. Michèle Ramis (Ambassador of France in Romania), Ciprian Rosca (Secretary of State, Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds), Emil Boc (Mayor of Cluj-Napoca), Şerban Ţigănaş (President of the Order of Architects in Romania), Ioan Popa (Mayor of Resita).

Mr. Popa participated in the plenary session, which focused on the stakes of a transition to more sustainable city, talking about the essential principles for that. He was also one of the speakers at the workshop about urban planning and the use of territorial knowledge tools to facilitate the governance of a sustainable city. Meanwhile, Sorin Dumitru, Councilor of the Reşiţa Mayor, represented the town in a workshop dedicated to the re-use and transformation of the decommissioned industrial lands.

Among the conclusions of the event, it is that one of the successful factors for a transition to a sustainable city is an active and courageous mayor, supported by a competent and trained team capable of developing a partners network, and another important factor is supporting initiatives to stimulate innovation and private investment, ideas and practices implemented in Resita.

Cities for Tomorrow #6

In February 2018, Bucharest was the host of the sixth edition of Cities of Tomorrow conference. The central themes of the event were “reconversion and revitalization”, with a focus on urban regeneration as a sustainable approach for the development of Romanian cities.

Among the speakers were Dr. Dragoş Anastasiu (President of the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry – AHK Romania being the event organizer), E.S. Cord Meier-Klodt (Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Bucharest), Hans-Jürgen Best (Mayor of Essen) and Mr. Ioan Popa, Mayor of Reşiţa, present at the central panel of the conference: Urban Regeneration through Industry and Tourism.

We spoke about the challenges of a city which has its development marked by industry, then stated the directions the City Hall focuses on right now: attracting investors to create new jobs, attracting developers for the functional redevelopment of former industrial areas, and mobilizing public funding for investment in infrastructure, leisure, culture.

The Sixth Edition of the Cities of Tomorrow conference also provided interactive roundtables around eight main areas (energy efficiency & energy management, EU funding, mobility, circular economy, construction law, etc.) and a projects and investment opportunities marketplace, where we presented the opportunities offered by Resita.

Romania-China Trade and Investment Symposium (Zhejiang Province)

At beggining of December 2017, Reșița was represented at the Business and Investment Symposium Romania – China (Zhejiang Province), held in Bucharest. The event was organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and the Chinese Committee for International Commercial Promotion, bringing together delegates of over 70 Chinese companies from various fields of activity.


The event marks a growing interest of the Chinese state to expand its business and investments to Southeast European countries, as part of China’s Silk Road Economic Belt Strategy.


The Chinese companies present at the event have sought opportunities for interaction and business with Romanian economic operators. In addition to this, the event was a good opportunity to be familiar with the strategy and approach of Chinese investors on expansion and prospecting of new investment locations.


Starting 2017, Reșița City Hall participates reguraly to such investor forums and conferences, being committed to promote our city assets and to interact with potential investors, partners and institutional supports that may help develop a competitive local business environment in Reșița.

Foreign Investors Summit 2017

This month – November 2017 – we were present at one the most prestigious events related to foreign investors – Foreign Investors Summit 2017.


The 3-day Business Summit in Bucharest, brought together leading executives of multinational companies, active investors, entrepreneurs, government officials, political and economic analysts and leaders of main business associations as well as chambers of commerce.


Reșița was represented by Grațian Mihăilescu, adviser to the mayor, as well as Marina Neagu, consultant for Reșița City Hall, part of MKBT, both speakers in one of the panels of the conference. The participation offered a great opportunity to discuss and promote Reșița’s efforts in urban regeneration and the facilities that the city offers for welcoming new investors. This was also a good occasion to share the investor brochures prepared by Reșița City Hall to those present.


Starting 2017, Reșița City Hall participates reguraly to such investor forums and conferences, being committed to promote our city assets and to interact with potential investors, partners and institutional supports that may help develop a competitive local business environment in Reșița.

Launch of the Dual School System in Reșița

Starting this school year (2017-2018), graduates of 8th grade can opt for Reșița`s Dual School System. The qualifications, available this year for the 162 students, vary from tourism workers (cooks, waiters and hotel workers) to textiles manufacturers, machinery and industrial installations mechanics, lathe workers, welders, locksmith machinists and electricians.


Three colleges in Reșița have signed up to offer dual vocational education: the Reșița Technical College, the Cărăşan Technical College and the Banat Mountain Economic College. The program has been highly welcomed by local private companies, as 15 local businesses subscribed to this program in its first year .


At the end of three years of study, which include a mix classes and practice on-site at the premises of one of the economic operators enrolled in the program, the graduates will receive a professional qualification certificate and a workplace. During the studies, the students will also be given scholarships made available by the state, Reşiţa City Hall and the companies involved in the program. Those commuting from the outskirts of Reșița can benefit of free accommodation in student dorms, as well as reimbursement of transport costs.


We expect the Dual Professional School in Reșița to become the main provider of highly qualified workforce in the area and a great added value for the economic operators in Reșița.

United Retail 2017

In March 2017, Ceetrus Romania (former Immochan) organized the Retail United conference, which took place in Brasov. The event had the motto “Together we grow communities”, and the talks focused on how future cities should be: sustainable, smart and animated. Mayor Ioan Popa represented Reşiţa as the main speaker of the event.

The conference brought together more than 200 public and private participants and over 17 international speakers, including Dragos Bucurenci (Communication Strategist Khastalia Consulting), Caroline Fernolend (Director of Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation), Francoise Pamfil (architect and editor-in-chief of Igloo Magazine), Marina Neagu (Urban Economist and Managing Partner, MKBT: Make Better), Nicolae Moldovan (City Manager Alba Iulia).

Mayor Ioan Popa was the surprise “keynote” of the event. He spoke about the urban regeneration process he is coordinating, with an emphasis on the Mociur – Valea Ţerovei area, and also on the importance of a proactive municipality in supporting the functional reconversion of industrial sites through public and private investments.


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