Urban Talks 2018

On September 28, 2018, Timişoara hosted the “Urban Talks” conference with the motto “Let’s shape the future of cities together!”. The event, organized by Urbanize Hub Romania, aimed to find common solutions to build smart and sustainable cities with active and collaborative local communities, involving local government, businesses and citizens.

Among the guests of the event were: Saskia Beer (CEO and founder of TransformCity), Andreea Idriceanu Calev (RoRec Communication Manager), Ilie Bolojan (Mayor of Oradea), Marius Cristea (World Bank expert). The surprise speaker of the conference was the mayor of Resita, Mr. Ioan Popa.

We have talked about the potential of Resita and the city’s ongoing investment projects, together with international experts, leaders of the public administration and of the business environment, start-ups, technology specialists and architects. We presented the Resita’s administration viewpoint for the rehabilitation of the Barzava banks, but also the projects we have in mind for transforming our city into an attractive one. We hope this will turn into concrete, collective actions that local governments could implement to increase the quality of people’s lives, and we continue to share our openness for hosting an active business environment in our city.

You can follow the event at::: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEKifySFHLs


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