Key facts on Reșița

Capital of Banat Mountains, enriched by a strong industrial legacy


Over the last 250 years, Reșița and its surroundings have thrived, throughout times, on industry and mining, its urban development being closely related to different generations of colonists /expats of different ethnic groups involved in the gradual industrial advancement of the region. The industrial legacy and ethnic diversity are both considered important elements of pride, associated to the town’s identity.

Reșița is also perceived as the entry point and capital of Mountainous Banat, being bordered by mountains which expand south of its fringes.

Outdoor activities have been and are still an important component of Reșița’s lifestyle, as the area is rich in natural attractions (natural reserves, lakes, gorges, cascades). The outskirts of Resita are also the place-to-go for residents of Timișoara, which flock to lakeside terraces, ski slopes and festivals throughout the year.

2016 marks a turn on Reșița’s path. With a new leadership, bold projects and EU funds investments underway, Reșița is prone to develop.

We trust that Reșița, as well as the region it polarizes, is a high potential new market, production location and local resource pool to capitalize on.

  • Key facts
    on Reșița

  • Industrial legacy of over 250 years of locomotive and steel rails production, boat engines, steel bridges and turbines;

  • Mixed economic profile based on manufacturing, steel industry, food processing and services;

  • County seat of Caraș-Severin, South-Western county of Romania situated at the crossroads of Carpathians and the Danube River;

  • Convenient proximity to both EU and non-EU borders (Hungary and Serbia), with close access to highway and airport transfers;

  • Surroundings of superb natural landscapes, tourist attractions and facilities of Banat Mountains.


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