Valea Țerovei Industrial Area


Țerova Valley Industrial Area is meant to consolidate the industrial profile of our town. The 28.5 ha centrally located industrial area was established with EU PHARE 2005 funds, now being a modern, fully equipped site ready for investors.

Location and Accesibility

Terova Valley Industrial Area is situated midway between the dense neighborhood of Govândari and the old neighborhoods and City Centre of Reșița. The site is well connected to local and regional infrastructure, via DN58 and DN58B, as well to the railway network, having 2 train stations (Reșița North and Reșița South) located within 5 min driving distance. The existing cycling path and bus line passing right next to the industrial zone entrance ensure an easy access of commuters as well.

  • 28.5 ha

    of fully equipped land lots

  • 63 land lots

    + common facilities

  • 1000 sqm - 1,1 ha

    land lot surfaces with the possibility to merge

Existing lots and facilities

There are 63 lots readily available for investments, with a variety of areas and configurations and the possibility to be also merged in other to host larger developments.

Convenient Concession Process

63 lots are available for new investments with a concession price of 0.35 €/mp/year (no VAT). Investors can further purchase the leased land on request by negotiation, based on a minimum price set by an external independent evaluation report. The awarding procedure is made through transparent tendering processes.

  • 14 lots > 1.000 – 2.000 sqm
  • 38 lots > 2.000 – 3.000 sqm

  • 9 lots > 3.000 – 5.000 sqm

  • 2 lots > 0,9 – 1,1 ha

Full Service and Utilities

The site is fully equipped with all necessary utilities for undertaking production activities:

Internal access roads and sidewalks, fully asphalted and supplied with street lighting;

  • Public parking for heavy trucks and small vehicles (88 parking lots in total, 22 for long vehicles);

  • Drinking water network - 10 m3/h

  • Industrial water network - 180 m3/h;

  • Municipal and industrial sewage network - 75 m3/day;

  • Rainwater collection and discharge system.

  • Electricity: 2.4 MW installed power and 1.2 MW reserve;

  • Natural gas network - 3.750 m3/h;

  • Communication network;

  • Non-stop security and monitoring services.


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