Foreign Investors Summit 2017

This month – November 2017 – we were present at one the most prestigious events related to foreign investors – Foreign Investors Summit 2017.


The 3-day Business Summit in Bucharest, brought together leading executives of multinational companies, active investors, entrepreneurs, government officials, political and economic analysts and leaders of main business associations as well as chambers of commerce.


Reșița was represented by Grațian Mihăilescu, adviser to the mayor, as well as Marina Neagu, consultant for Reșița City Hall, part of MKBT, both speakers in one of the panels of the conference. The participation offered a great opportunity to discuss and promote Reșița’s efforts in urban regeneration and the facilities that the city offers for welcoming new investors. This was also a good occasion to share the investor brochures prepared by Reșița City Hall to those present.


Starting 2017, Reșița City Hall participates reguraly to such investor forums and conferences, being committed to promote our city assets and to interact with potential investors, partners and institutional supports that may help develop a competitive local business environment in Reșița.


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