Life in Reșița

To live in Reșița is to have greenery and mountains in your sight at any time, while still enjoying the perks of urban life

Life in Reșița

Reșița offers a diverse educational infrastructure for all ages. Secondary education includes a wide variety of professional qualifications, while Eftimie Murgu University offers higher education in engineering, management, business, accounting and social sciences.

In terms of costs of living, Reșița is highly affordable to live in. Rent prices are as low as 250 € for a fully furnished 3 room apartment, you can dine out for less than 10 € and enjoy a pint of local beer for 1 – 1 ½ Euro.

Leisure and Sports

Reșița lays in the middle of Banat Mountains, so to live in Resita means having greenery and mountains in your sight at any time, while still enjoying the perks of urban life. Two national parks, Semenic – Caraș Gorge and Nera Gorge – Beușnița, provide quick access to hiking trails, off-road experiences, wild nature and spectacular scenery. Three hydro plant lakes – Secu, 3 Ape and Gozna – are a treat for those with a passion for fishing or kayaking. Lakeside leisure sites like Casa Baraj, Aquaris, 3 Ape attract regular visitors from neighboring counties in search for fun, sunbathing or a dive into the crisp waters at Văliug and Brebu.

Ski slopes are ready winter-time for snow lovers at Semenic, Văliug, Gărâna and Muntele Mic while biking and trail running events are organized regularly. Mircea Chivu Stadium is crowded with cheering young footballers every evening. The municipal olimpic pool provides best swimming conditions for locals of all ages, while an extra outdoor pool is planned to open up by 2018, based on EU funding investments. The “Ion Crișan” Zoological Garden is a common attraction for animal lovers, having been recently renovated and expanded.


Every year people from all over Romania and abroad gather here to attend music festivals în Gărâna. The internationally reputed Gărâna Jazz Festival counted its 20th edition in 2017, with younger siblings – Wolf Blues Festival and Gărâna Folk – extending the target audience to wider music tastes. West Theatre in Reșița runs monthly shows and Dacia Cinema was recently upgraded for 3D screenings and events. The International Theatre Festival „Scene as a Street” located in Reșița is a successful event already at its third edition, with more than 600 national and international performers.

With Timișoara having been designated to be European Capital of Culture in 2021, the same year when Reșița will mark 250 years of industrial heritage, after having its first furnace built in 1771, Reșița and the surrounding areas are expected to go through a process of cultural and social flourishing that would further highlight the richness of the area.


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